Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colorado , Denver.....July 24th , 2009

Click Title to the Resolution, Single Payer is what is proposed and supported, unanimously.
18% of residents are UnInsured based on data from 2004/2005, the Estimates in some County are as high as 37.8% in some counties.The Number of Adults UnInsured is over 743,934, and this number does not include children under 19. According to different sources, Colorado ranks 6th to 13th for Uninsured Children, depending on studies, 170,000- 190,000 children, this is based on 2004/2005 data, and this included children of working parents who did not qualify for the CHIP programs. So the more accurate number based on 2004/05 numbers was 940,000 residents for the State, and this does not take into account of the Economic Downturn of past 18 monthes.

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