Wednesday, August 19, 2009

California Democratic Party, April 29th 2009, SAC09.29 ,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that such a system be publicly financed and privately delivered with automatic enrollment of all residents (regardless of age, status of employment, pre-existing condition, or income level) allowing people to choose from any licensed health care provider, providing all appropriate medical services including preventive education, dental care, mental health care, long-term in-home care, and affordable prescription medications.

Authored by: Margaret Budd, Dr. Michael McQuary, Mike Copass, Jerry Malamud,
Ethan James Soutar-Rau, Anita Simons, Jeoffrey B. Gordon, MD MPH, and the
La Jolla Democratic Club’s Focus For Change Health Care Issue Group;
Co-Sponsored by Los Angeles County Democratic Party; (Partial List)

* * *

Adopted by the Democratic State Central Committee of California
AKA "California Democratic Party"
At its Annual State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center
April 26, 2009
Sadly these numbers are newly tabulated, but they are based on 2006, so they are BEFORE the Economic Downturn. Atleast 12.1 Million People are without Insurance , 37.4 % of the Population Below 65.

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