Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Alabama Resolution Information by Dems and Stats.....No resolution Found

The Numbers are all over the map for Alabama, especically after 2005, I am confused by that and there are approximately 54,000 people that I can not account for. Again the numbers reflect working poor, here is one of the better studies that does look at variables and employment rates and those covered while working. The Best working number is 672,000 of 4,159,000 people.

590 Alabama residents are losing Healthcare a week, and their Democratic page covers this but I could find no resolution that has been passed by the Democratic Party there.

Iowa Health Reform News: Resolution work and Uninsured stats.

I am still trying to locate information of Resolutions or reform work in Iowa. There states show that there enough Uninsured that there should be work on their behalf, 26.6 % of Iowa's Population is Uninsured, and this is based on 2006 Stats, 686,000 of 2.5 Million people in the state are UnInsured, and between ages of 19 to 65. This number does not show recent Economic Downfall numbers of past 18 monthes or the number of UnderInsured.

California Democratic Party, April 29th 2009, SAC09.29 ,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that such a system be publicly financed and privately delivered with automatic enrollment of all residents (regardless of age, status of employment, pre-existing condition, or income level) allowing people to choose from any licensed health care provider, providing all appropriate medical services including preventive education, dental care, mental health care, long-term in-home care, and affordable prescription medications.

Authored by: Margaret Budd, Dr. Michael McQuary, Mike Copass, Jerry Malamud,
Ethan James Soutar-Rau, Anita Simons, Jeoffrey B. Gordon, MD MPH, and the
La Jolla Democratic Club’s Focus For Change Health Care Issue Group;
Co-Sponsored by Los Angeles County Democratic Party; (Partial List)

* * *

Adopted by the Democratic State Central Committee of California
AKA "California Democratic Party"
At its Annual State Convention
Sacramento Convention Center
April 26, 2009
Sadly these numbers are newly tabulated, but they are based on 2006, so they are BEFORE the Economic Downturn. Atleast 12.1 Million People are without Insurance , 37.4 % of the Population Below 65.

Colorado , Denver.....July 24th , 2009

Click Title to the Resolution, Single Payer is what is proposed and supported, unanimously.
18% of residents are UnInsured based on data from 2004/2005, the Estimates in some County are as high as 37.8% in some counties.The Number of Adults UnInsured is over 743,934, and this number does not include children under 19. According to different sources, Colorado ranks 6th to 13th for Uninsured Children, depending on studies, 170,000- 190,000 children, this is based on 2004/2005 data, and this included children of working parents who did not qualify for the CHIP programs. So the more accurate number based on 2004/05 numbers was 940,000 residents for the State, and this does not take into account of the Economic Downturn of past 18 monthes.

Florida, Palm Beach

"WHEREAS, the failure to provide affordable and appropriate health care services places unnecessary and more costly demands upon Palm Beach County’s and America’s emergency health care services, AND WHEREAS, health care reform will ensure that those who now have health care will be able to keep their coverage and control their costs, AND WHEREAS, all insurance companies should be accredited in a similar fashion to the process used for approval of plansfor participation in the Federal
Employees' Plan,
NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Palm Beach County Democratic Party urges Congress to fully consider all models and proposed systems in the formation of strong, universal, affordable, health care reform. Further, we hope that all expediency will be utilized in bringing effective, national health care to all Americans. "
This is written as how it is currently proposed and has no date on it, but can be reached through the title.
Florida comes in THIRD in the nation for UnInsured.

Here are the Stats:
"According to a 2005 U.S. Census Bureau Study, Florida ranks third in the nation for highest number of uninsured among the states. California is ranked first followed by Texas. The study found that there are 3.6 million uninsured in Florida. Thus, 20.2% of the state’s 18.1 million people are without health insurance."

Indiana ,Hamilton County ( Resolution Passed August 1,2009)

August 1, 2009
Central Committee Adopts Health Care Reform Resolution
The Hamilton County Democratic Central Committee adopted a Resolution Saturday in support of health care reform legislation that reduces costs, guarantees choice, ensures quality care for all, provides coverage for pre-existing conditions and includes a strong public insurance option.

Here is a copy of the Resolutiuon, that passed this month.

Kentucky, Wake County, ( click title)

"WHEREAS, The Declaration of Independence states that the right to life is an inalienable right, it follows that proper, timely and affordable healthcare is essential to securing that right; and

WHEREAS, The failure of the private, for profit healthcare system to secure this right for the American people is of such a scale as to require the intervention of the government to protect the right to life,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Wake County Democratic Party calls on Congress to approve legislation now before it (H.R. 676) establishing a single payer universal healthcare system in the United States."

( More Information, about their work here. Original Document has been removed.
More information about the UnInsured in Kentucky, which is based on 2003 stats. This study also shows how many homes have atleast one non working adult,and yet the other problem is that small businesses in Ky do not supply healthcare if they have less than 20 Employees, so that means many working poor have no access to any insurance. Of the total of 517,000 , 12% of people 30-49 are UnInsured, and 28% of 19 to 30 years are uninsured. So in this state many that are working remain uninsured.So 18% Under 64 are uninsured. These numbers are based on stats gathered before 2006, so we don't know what the numbers are now.

Michigan, Houghton, July1,2009

First Let's look at the UnInsured this Link has it at 2.5 Million and rising, as this was gathered in 2008, so this does not include the past 18 monthes of Economic Downturn.

Tenneesee=Marion Country August 1,2009

(1) Resolution 2009-00002 Marion County, TN ( August 1,2009)
More on the Resolution, from the Democratic Party.
Section Four, focuses on Single Payer Medicare System.

Virginia, Matthews County ( Daily Kos report) ( Strongly Passed)

The Title links to Matthews County- Single Payer Resolution.
This post describes that Alexandria passed resolution Supporting Public Option, but I am looking for the actual resolution.Blog Post was written August 4th, 2009.